Full PvPPvE Server

Designed for PvPPvE

Best Starter Pack

Get Free High Grade Equipment-Weapons-Kinah

One Week Instant 65

Get your Max Level after Cermony Quest

Experienced Team

Server has developed by experienced team

Wedding System

To Keep together with your couple

Perfect Housing

Get your own House


    InfiniteAION currently supports

    InfiniteAION has been tested and proven to work with the Gameforge Client

    Get an account

    Click here to go to the registration page.As of Sept 01st 2021, game accounts and forum accounts are SEPERATE.Meaning if you are new player or an old player making a new account, you must register the game account via our registration page and NOT the forums. Forum accounts are NO LONGER LINKED

    Installing Aion

    Please follow these instructions. It will save you and us a lot of time.

    1.Download our InfiniteAION Client Click Here

    2.Download our InfiniteAION Launcher Click Here

    3.Download Winrar Winrar Click Here

    4.Install Winrar

    5.Unpack our InfiniteAION.zip to your folder you wish with Winrar Usually: C:\Program Files\NCSOFT\Aion

    6.Unpack our IALauncher.zip from Step 2. with Winrar to: C:\Program Files\NCSOFT\Aion

    Connecting to InfiniteAION

    1.Start our IALauncher as Administrator choose your Language and click start!

    2.When your Game has Launched put your Account details what you have create on our Homepage.

    In case you run into problems

    Sometimes people run into issues.Almost always, it's because they didn't follow instructions. Follow