Full PvPPvE Server

Designed for PvPPvE

Best Starter Pack

Get Free High Grade Equipment-Weapons-Kinah

One Week Instant 65

Get your Max Level after Cermony Quest

Experienced Team

Server has developed by experienced team

Wedding System

To Keep together with your couple

Perfect Housing

Get your own House

Hello Guys in Sanctum and Pandaemonium walk a NPC what sell for you Morph Recipes and some other things!

Sanctum = Npc Distine

Pandaemonium = Npc Dilbeek



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Hello guys we changed our Rates to X5 and Ap rate stay like before!



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Welcome back to InfiniteAION Consider yourself lucky since you've just found the BEST private Aion server.

We was constantly in development and have an assload of working features. Not to mention VERY active GM and DEV teams.

We are back now much years later since we close on year 2013/2014.

We decided to open again our server with Version 4.6 with fully support of all features!

For beginning we have try a MId Rate Server for you.

Server is Online from today!!!!.


If you enjoy the server, be sure to vote daily!

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